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I just want the FDA to tell me what toxic corrosive chemicals and amorphous dark particles and fibrous particles are,it been hard not knowing what chemicals and toxins poisoned me,I have the right to know !, it has caused me serious internal tissue damage and hemorrhaging,what is this radioactive isotope ? The liquid inside the assured TUSSIN cough syrup bottle is a very volatile moisture reactive light sensitive ultraviolet substance.

Sureka shah at bio-pharm inc refuses to compensate me for the serious injuries their manufactured assured product has caused me,Mr.Deal Dollar tree inc/ greenbrier international company owner doesn't see fit to compensate me either. The FDA lies about conducting a criminal investigation inside bio-pharm inc. in which Dionne pass at the us forensic chemistry center in Cincinnati,Ohio told me that this was a serious intentional deliberate federal criminal act that took place by someone inside bio-pharm inc.but refuses to hand over the names of all chemicals and foreign particle contaminants are,just telling me that it was diffenently tampered and adulterated,that it was some kind of exotic chemical compound that contained a mineral,that she already gathered up all forensic positive test results and my case information and turned it over to the FDA office of criminal investigations and that FDA OCI agents and FBI went inside bio-pharm inc. and spoke to Mr.umakant c.shah and apprehend the perpetrator(s) there.

The Food and drug administration philladelphia,Pennsylvania district office handled this situation ,because bio-pharm inc is in their district in Levittown,Pennsylvania. I spoke with Jacquelyn ,Gess at this philladelphia,Pennsylvania office,she told me that they would be doing absolutely nothing about this federal assured tampering and chemical poisoning that happened inside bio-pharm inc. and wasn't going to tell me anything about the investigation or tell me what toxic chemicaluminescence compound this is that I ingested. The FDA recently called me and told me that they never was going to tell me anything !

All they do is keep hanging up on me. The FDA freedom of information office Samantha wilby sent me a letter stating that this information I'm seeking is not appropriate to be released to me or the public. FDA never made Dollar tree inc/greenbrier international Mr.Deal or Mr.Bob,sasser nor Mr.Shah nor sureka shah CFO @ Bio-pharm inc the manufacturer recall this Assured cough syrup product SKU #851888 bar code #059741 11606 8(3 C 31) 03/15 purchased from Dollar Tree store#739 address 393 Plainfield commons drive,Plainfield Indiana if you have this product throw it out now ! The major batches of this cough syrup at Bio-pharm inc wasn't chemically poisoned just individual bottles David,Crocket @ the us forensic chemistry center in Cincinnati,Ohio by SLM analysis identified two microscopic tears or holes into the foil protection seal,he also would not tell me the names of corrosive chemicals or acids that he found and identified inside my dollar tree store purchased assured cough syrup.

FDA OCI agent McKenna told me on the phone that he was protecting bio-pharm inc. and he wasn't about to tell me what these chemicals are that poisoned me or share the federal criminal investigation information with me nor tell me the name of the person(chemist) inside Bio-pharm inc who did this and he wasn't about investigate my case,because if he did he'd be helping me receive millions of dollars in compensation due to me for the injuries this product has caused me !

Bio Pharm - Assured radioactive product

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The assured dollar tree inc /greenbrier international owned product that someone inside bio-pharm inc contained a liquid poisonous gas and a radioactive substance, I have radiation poisousing from Mr.Shahs manufactured product ,which wasn't tampered and poisoned by major batches just individual bottles,this is a federal pharmaceuticle manufacture crime,this assured cough syrup bottle I purchased at a dollar tree store in Plainfield store #739 has given me terminal blood cancer and hemolytic anemia ,esophageal injury and other permanent damage to my body,why didn't the FDA recall this toxic waste soon after their FDA forensic chemistry labs tested it positive,it also contained carbon,and arsenic,lead,and Mercury ,is this the black powder I see in the mucous I keep spitting up ? Why did Mr.Mckenna threaten me on the phone telling me to shut up about this or else something was going to happen to me,telling me he wasn't about to investigate bio-pharm inc for this federal crime that the FDA forensic chemistry centers coordinator tells me on the phone that this assured product was deffenantly adulterated with chemicals and it was intentional and deliberately tampered and poisoned by someone inside bio-pharm inc.

this FDA OCI agent McKenna told me on the phone that he was protecting Dollar Tree inc and Bio-pharm inc. and wasn't going to investigate them for this crime. This liquid poison fluorine gas and uv fluorescent radioactive substance is killing me,no consumer should have to dye at the expense of the FDA for not telling a consumer product poisoned victim what these toxic chemicals and foreign material is ,I have a right to know the name of this radioactive substance is that's giving off chemical luminescence,a very bright fluorescent pink color under ultraviolet light and a dangerous electromagnetic radiation high level H-field on a Geiger counter ! is it uranium,polonium,cesium a radioactive metal particles,I want compensation Mr.Shah and Mr.Deal !

Take responsibility for the damage and health issues your toxic waste that has shortened my life causing me cancer,tissue and muscle damage,esophageal injury and it attack on all of my internal tissues,and the corrosive acid that destroyed the linings of my stomach and small intestines with bleeding erosions.

Stop hiding behind the FDA who tried to cover this federal pharmaceuticle crime up ,protecting thes two companies and never protected me as a consumer who doesn't deserve the harsh treatment done to me by a FDA office of criminal investigation agent McKenna,I deserve compensation,I deserve the right to be told by the FDA forensic chemistry centers analyst David Crockett and team who tested this assured product and found it to be loaded with toxic adulterants and never thought about giving me these positive results causing me to not get an antidote immediately by with holding this information from me. IS THIS WHAT THE FDA IS ABOUT ?

Product or Service Mentioned: Bio Pharm Assured Pharmaceutical Syrup.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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